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31st Jan 2020

There are 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK. Every year 100,000 people have a stroke – that’s one every 5 minutes. Pretty confronting when you think about it. 

Although strokes can be fatal, many people survive and their brains need to adapt. Organisations like the Stroke Association provide invaluable guidance and support to help survivors rebuild their lives after stroke.

Stroke Association has invested in a national awareness campaign in England with branded pharmacy bags distributed across Tabletalk’s independent pharmacy network. 

The organisation is offering a free guide with information on how to support a stroke survivor, reducing your risk of stroke and what to do after a stroke. Critical information for members of the public who might not be aware of the signs or the consequences of a condition that can happen to anyone in an instant.

Pharmacies are the perfect environment for a sensitive message around stroke as pharmacy visitors are naturally in a health awareness frame of mind. Not to mention the fact that family members and carers often pick up prescription medications for their loved ones.

With messaging delivered via branded pharmacy bags, the media benefits significantly from the fact that pharmacy bags are handed directly into people’s hands by the pharmacist – an immediate prompt to questions which are handled by a trusted health professional.

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Stroke Association Pharmacy Bag Advertising