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9th Oct 2014

Having been a student myself, while studies are important there are certain other things that take top priority, namely food and drink.  Those brain cells take a beating with all those late nights “studying” and friendly fodder is the only route to salvation.  Ahem.  Affordable fodder of course – it’s expensive being a student!

When it comes to food, the Co-op has got it just right with a campaign live throughout Freshers at 21 universities nationwide.  Using Tablewrap to spread the word in Student Unions, the Co-op is offering 10% off for all students with an NUS extra card and promoting some great meal ideas to drive students online.

Tablewrap puts your brand at the centre of conversation in the busiest student space on campus.  95% of students visit the union at least once a week and on average spend 18mins at a table, plenty of time to stand out and engage.

The campaign was planned and booked by Rocket and Talon Outdoor.

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