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11th Nov 2020

Surrey Police are running a campaign against modern slavery using a range of Takeaway Food packaging.

#ProjectTakeaway sees the messaging appear on Indian and Chinese Takeaway Bags, Fish & Chip wrappers and Chicken Boxes being used by our network of takeaways all over Surrey.

According to the Food Standards Agency those living in more deprived areas were more likely to report having takeaway food compared with those in less deprived areas and also report eating more fast food. Young adults aged 18-24 are 7 times more likely to order a takeaway than the over 65’s.

For those that don’t have safe homes to go, chicken shops are open late and it is a warm dry place where food can be obtained incredibly cheaply. Chicken shops serve an 80% 16-34 year old audience.

Fish and Chip shops are also a cost effective option that is popular with families in lower socio-demographic groups who, after working long hours, often don’t have time to cook.

The messaging encourages people to be aware of modern slavery and to contact Surrey Police if they suspect someone to be a victim.

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