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26th Jul 2017

If there is one thing that everyone brought up in Britain remembers fondly, it’s trips to the seaside.  There’s something wonderfully nostalgic thinking back to pebbly beaches, sunny days and ice cream cones.  Everyone no doubt has a story about seagulls playing havoc and launching calculated swoop attacks on unsuspecting kids taking an eye off their precious gelato.  

But best of all are family meals.  Fish and chips munched on the beach looking out to azure blue sea.  Or steaming takeaway parcels secreted away for all the family to enjoy.  Nothing quite like that gorgeous smell to light up the senses.  And a smell we never forget.  In fact, fish and chips is one of those family traditions passed on through the generations.  If we’re not on holiday, it’s fish and chips at least once a week, sometimes more.  Just to keep our sense of holiday alive until our next trip to the sea.

Who’d have thought that you could tap into this powerful nostalgia and promote your brand directly into the hands and homes of British families nationwide through something as simple as branded takeaway fish and chip bags?  Not only is it clever, it’s unobtrusive, creative and incredibly cost effective.  

The likes of Sarsons Vinegar have used fish and chip bags on numerous occasions to show their support for national chip week, capitalising on the natural synergy between chips and that vinegary Sarsons delight.  To take ownership of the fish and chip environment, Sarsons usually pair their branded takeaway bags with samples of Sarsons Vinegar for customers to use in-store, as well as promotional posters and standees on the counter for the duration of their campaign.  

It’s not just Sarsons that see the value in fish and chip shop advertising either.  C2C Rail have invested in branded takeaway fish and chip bags on multiple occasions now to promote trips to the seaside by train targeting Londoners, as well as those who live along the coastal route who might be in need of a break.  In fact, they’re live with a summer campaign as we speak.  The Eden Project distributed fish and chip bags across Devon and Cornwall to promote their new dinosaur exhibition to families in a bid to prompt a visit as part of their plans for the summer.  And it doesn’t stop there – the RNLI had a genius idea, using branded takeaway chip wraps to warn Cornish holidaymakers to take extra care with the sea and to be on the lookout for dangerous rip tides.

The sky really is the limit and there are a multitude of different ways that brands can capitalise on a fish and chip environment.  You are guaranteed ownership of the venue with no competing share of voice.  The vast majority of takeaway fish and chips ends up in people’s homes consumed by families, couples and groups of friends.  Plus those who consume fish and chips on the go or as they’re wandering down the street offer further opportunities to be seen, especially with strong branding that draws the eye.  It’s simple yet unique and incredibly effective – an ideal way to generate cut through in a world where the cacophony of brand messages across the daily journey often means your brand gets lost or dulled by the sheer volume of competition.  

Why not get in touch to find out more about advertising in our network of fish and chip stores?  You can run campaigns nationally, regionally or locally, it’s entirely customisable to your specific needs.

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C2C Trains Takeaway Fish & Chip Bag Advertising