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9th Nov 2016

We all love a good seeded roll.  You know the feeling.  In early to work, maybe you ate breakfast, maybe you didn’t.  Come 11 o’clock that tummy starts rumbling and thoughts of what’s in store for lunch start creeping in.  Ham and cheese?  Chicken and mayo?  Tuna and sweetcorn?  It’s a wonder a good old drool doesn’t set in with all the ruminating on takeaway sandwich choices.  By the time that lunch hour finally kicks in it’s a leapfrog out the door and off to the nearest Sandwich Bar to grab a seeded roll to banish the hunger pangs.

Stomach settled, it’s the aftermath of a good takeaway lunch that can often be a tad frustrating.  You know that annoying feeling when there’s food stuck in your teeth.  We’ve all been there.  2 o’clock meeting coming up and we’re frantically trying to get that annoying piece of food out and driving ourselves mad with the horrifying thought of greeting colleagues or clients in said meeting with a giant piece of salad or teeth dotted with sesame seeds.  Toothpicks may well be one of the world’s simplest and most satisfying creations man has ever invented, but it’s not often us mere mortals are organised enough to have a toothpick on us when we need it.  

Never fear, TePe are here to save the day!  The TePe Easypick is a wonderful little contraption that makes life easy for us on-the-go, never-have-any-time types.  Plus it’s been cleverly developed in Sweden in collaboration with dental experts which means whilst wee it packs a particularly strong punch when it comes to your dental health.  And they come in a handy pack that fits perfectly in a pocket or purse.  As if that’s not enough, TePe Easypick also comes in two convenient sizes so you can literally unstick food anywhere, anyhow.

And because TePe are all about simple innovation, it’ll be no surprise that they have invested in a Sampling campaign supported by branded Sandwich Bags distributed in Sandwich Bars across the country.  There is nothing more important than delivering sampling in the right place at the right time and to reach consumers whilst they’re actively making a lunch choice is the ideal way for TePe to draw attention to Easypick and show consumers that it’s an everyday product essential for daily life on-the-go.  The TePe Easypick samples are housed in a branded dispenser on the counter where consumers order, pay for and collect their takeaway sandwiches and every order is handed over in a branded takeaway Sandwich Bag to reinforce the message.  There is also a branded tent card on the counter to raise awareness with consumers as they approach the counter.  All this allows TePe to truly own the takeaway lunch journey in-store.  They haven’t been shy on the engagement factor either by offering anyone who posts a pic with their TePe Easypick on Instagram the chance to win a free lunch.

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