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10th Feb 2022

Here at Tabletalk Media we have two decades of experience in running public health messaging via our national network of Independent Community Pharmacies.

Branded Pharmacy Bags deliver sensitive messages in a discreet way, at a relevant time in an appropriate environment. The bags are distributed by the pharmacist, known to be one of the most trusted health care professionals (87% trust health advice from pharmacists) and are placed directly into people’s hands. This cuts through the noise and speaks to people individually.

Pharmacy Bag Advertising offers several other benefits, for instance they are an excellent way of reaching more vulnerable groups, such as the elderly (21% are aged 65+) who may not have access to social media. Recipients are collecting prescription medication, meaning messages on the bag are more likely to be read in full, not to mention the fact that messages act as a prompt for people to seek advice from the pharmacist there and then.

Most pharmacy bags end up in the home where medication is often kept in the bag. This offers the opportunity for repeat impacts, in an environment where people are relaxed and receptive, with the time to engage with further information such as a leaflet inserted in the bag.

Pharmacy Bags are extremely cost effective, providing minimal cost per impact, and offer incredible versatility when it comes to tactical targeting. Campaigns can be run locally (down to postcode level), regionally by county, as well as nationally in up to 6,000 pharmacies to achieve maximum coverage.

Tabletalk’s pharmacy network offers the opportunity to effectively drive awareness in local communities, at any scale and for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation deliver targeted, impactful, cost-effective campaign messaging.

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