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24th Oct 2023

Carents, the term used to describe adults who care for their elderly parents, have emerged as one of the largest groups of unpaid carers in the U.K. The Health Foundation 2023 report that carers aged up to 70 are most likely to be caring for a parent.

Estimates indicate that over five million individuals in England and Wales alone undertook the crucial responsibility of unpaid caregiving in 2021, and 1.4 million of these provided 50 or more hours of unpaid care a week. Notably, a significant majority of these carers were women, accounting for 60% of the total, while individuals aged 50 and above constituted 60% of the caring population. These statistics were revealed in a comprehensive study conducted by The Health Foundation in 2023.

Cadent Gas have joined forces with Northern Gas Networks (NGN) and UK Power Networks (UKPN) to form a strategic alliance with The Carents Room, a leading online resource platform for midlife adults. Together, the companies will support and safeguard those caring for an elderly loved one and other customers who find themselves in vulnerable situations or financial difficulties.

This partnership brings together the expertise of The Carents Room and the energy industry to make a positive impact on the lives of carers across the country, providing instant access to support, energy advice and health information for the adult carers across the United Kingdom. With resources becoming increasingly scarce, the collaboration of these organisations will provide the support needed to ensure that every customer is supplied with energy, especially during the colder months.

The recent cost of living crisis has affected a significant portion of the U.K. population, with older individuals facing particularly challenging circumstances. According to a survey conducted by Age UK, 9.4 million individuals aged 65 and over have expressed concerns about financial management. To tackle the frequently neglected issue of wellness in ageing adults, The Carents Room is striving to raise awareness about the expert guidance available from its partner organisations on a range of products and services, including energy-saving tips, safety measures and advice on how to join the Priority Services Register for customers who have extra communication, access or safety needs.

By advertising on Pharmacy Bags the Carents Room ensure their message is being placed directly into the hands of those most likely to need their assistance. Carers are high users of pharmacies and each pharmacy has an average of 600 carers among their customer base, along with 750 elderly people and 1,000 people with long term health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma. These vulnerable and ‘at risk’ groups will benefit most from the help and support offered by the Carents Room.

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