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29th Apr 2013

Anyone who’s seen the TV ads will recognise this famous Fabulous family; ladies’ man Jeremy, his undeniably glamorous wife Madison, their fame-hungry daughter Caitlin, playboy twin brother Miles and illustrious Zachary, who happens to be their biological father, if only they knew!  If this motley crew sound a little over the top, here’s the humdinger – they’re all characters depicting the Cadbury Fabulous Fingers range.  Crisp chocolate flavoured biscuits that are proving utterly delicious in the can’t stop munching on these fabulous little choccy delights kind of way…  Samples in the office are proving distracting!

Right, you’re probably thinking how on earth all this relates to Tabletalk Media?  Well last April we supported the Fabulous Fingers TV activity with a sampling campaign in our network of coffee shops across the UK, 520 outlets to be exact.  It went so well that Burtons decided to do the same this year launching two new varieties, honeycomb and praline.

Taking advantage of the natural connection between coffee and chocolate, Burtons used coffee sleeves to generate awareness about the new additions to their Fabulous Fingers range and generously sampled whole boxes of the delicious choccy snacks!  The outlets chosen were those in more suburban areas to ensure a higher percentage of their key female audience was reached.  The campaign went live on Monday and is running just this week so if you fancy a bit of choccy inspiration, head to the local coffee shop and you might be in for a treat.

The campaign was planned by UM London and booked by Rapport (

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