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23rd Jan 2020

In this fast paced world of work, lunch breaks are shorter than ever – in fact the traditional hour of days gone by has slipped to an average 30 minutes!

61% of Londoners don’t take or don’t get a lunch hour with 15% taking 15 minutes or less to scoff down some grub and 6% not eating at all. Nearly 1 in 2 Londoners eat at their desk because they’re simply too busy with 1 in 4 doing this 5 times a week. 

Staggering stats but particularly exciting if you’re looking to tap into a market of savvy office workers making the most of their precious down time to manage their life admin on the run. 

Multitasking is the new norm with many of us choosing to click whilst we chew – taking the opportunity to bank, shop, book tickets and holidays or do our personal research online whilst we eat.

Drum roll please and in shimmies the humble Deli Bag – an ambient advertising format delivered directly into the hands of the takeaway lunch crowd.

46% of city workers in London prefer to eat a salad for lunch and 70% of us eat sandwiches at least twice a week. With local cafes and delis offering the ultimate convenience for time poor city slickers, Tabletalk’s branded Deli Bags are the answer to a tactical marketer’s dream. 

Deli bags offer a premium print with messaging dominating the entire surface area of the bag for total share of voice. Bag in hand at the point of purchase means subliminal buy-in to your brand with the added benefit of multiple opportunities to be seen on the street, on a desk in the office and beyond. Simple yet effective tactical impact.

*Stats courtesy of ‘UK’s Lunchtime Habits Exposed’

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