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6th Jan 2022

Tabletalk Media’s national network of independent community pharmacies allows organisations to place messages directly into the hands of pharmacy visitors via branded pharmacy bags. Having run numerous campaigns raising awareness for Wellbeing and Mental Health support services, including the NHS, British Red Cross and the Scottish Association for Mental Health, we’ve become increasingly aware of the vital role our pharmacists play.

The mental health and wellbeing of the population has become an urgent priority as the UK battles the viral threat of COVID-19. For example the number of adults experiencing some form of depression in Great Britain has doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic.*

Being among the most accessible of health professional groups, the public will continue to turn to pharmacists as a trusted source of advice. Community pharmacists and their teams interact with 1.6 million people every day. Conveniently located on high streets and in the heart of communities they are particularly important in the early detection of mental health and wellbeing problems.

There is a close correlation between population groups who most frequently visit community pharmacies and those most vulnerable to poor mental health due to COVID-19. These groups include the elderly, those living in deprived areas, people with long term conditions.

Our branded pharmacy bags are able to target these hard to reach groups, signposting services to ensure those that need support with their mental health can access this independently.

(Blog content sourced from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society).


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