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11th Jul 2019

Having read an excellent article this week – Desktop dining rules: no boiled eggs or tinned fish by the BBC’s Business Reporter, Katie Hope – it got all of us Tabletalkers musing about lunch time behaviour and identifying the office’s smelly eaters!

A Glassdoor survey of 2,000 working adults revealed that 36% of us prefer to lunch on our own and make the most of our limited free time during a busy day. 26% regularly head out with colleagues to have a bite and 23% tend to lunch at our desks.

When it comes to popular lunch foods in the office – “no smelly food” is the golden rule. Egg sandwiches and tuna are usually a cause for concern, not to mention hot foods like curry or Chinese being reheated in the office microwave. And crunching on Twiglets can be deafening it seems!

For most city centre office based professionals who grab lunch on the go, it’s often from a deli or sandwich bar near the office. Which 50% of the time ends up on a desk in the office. Now when you consider that those who lunch at their desk tend to use their lunch break to surf the internet (28%), catch up on social media (20%), sort out everyday life admin (17%), go shopping (16%), head to the gym (10%) and even a bit of online gaming (7%) suddenly the power of our branded deli bags becomes incredibly clear.

Deli bags put messages directly into people’s hands – impacting a key everyday moment when busy office workers are taking a break. The perfect mini billboard out on the street as consumers head from Deli to Desk in the office prompting immediate engagement online. That’s why the UK’s leading insurance brands, banks, utilities providers and holiday companies use deli bags to deliver their messages at the exact moment these people are
engaged in their life admin moments.

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