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13th Sep 2018

Tradepoint’s latest advertising campaign on Butty Bags has hit the mark perfectly for tradesmen grabbing a bite to eat on the go. For any retailer, the ultimate goal isn’t just converting consumers to purchase, it’s securing their trust and loyalty so that every need to purchase long into the future naturally puts their brand front of mind.

Tradepoint innately understands their audience. Tradesmen are often small business owners or sole traders and business can be tough. So any opportunity to drive extra value through incentivised discounts rewarding their loyalty is bound to make an impact on their bottom line and in turn, Tradepoint’s sales too.

Opening early and serving up hot food all day at a reasonable price means Greasy Spoon Cafes are a hotspot for our nation’s working men – in fact 87% of their clientele are tradesmen. Whether it’s a bacon butty to start the day or a sandwich to go for lunch, Tabletalk’s branded Butty Bags ensure that Tradepoint’s message is hand delivered to tradesmen in a natural break during their notoriously elusive everyday journey, with bags distributed across 300 Greasy Spoon Cafes in proximity to their stores.

Considering Butty Bags often end up on the dashboard in prime view, they act as the perfect prompt to drive tradesmen in store, as well as the ideal complement to ads on the radio by reinforcing that 10 second jingle with longer dwell time at street level. Add to the mix a good incentive like 10% off with Tradepoint’s Loyalty Scheme and a message delivered in close proximity to a local Tradepoint store and you’ve got tradesmen in store like bears to honey, or builders to bacon butties!

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Tradepoint Butty Bag Advertising in Greasy Spoon Cafes