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2nd Apr 2017

Whilst slick independent artisan cafes are popping up everywhere to meet the demand of city office types needing their low-fat, double shot, extra hot soy latte, the nation’s treasured network of Greasy Spoon Cafes caters to an entirely different audience.  Tradesmen are after simpler fare that doesn’t cost a fortune but tastes great and satisfies their need for something hot and hearty.

There’s an old adage that says that the way to every man’s heart is through his stomach.  And it’s an adage that has held true throughout the test of time.  In fact, a hearty meal is such an integral part of our working men’s daily lives that it has sustained the tradition of our great British ‘caff’, the Greasy Spoon.  Home to laminated tables, glass sugar dispensers, bottles of red and brown sauce and menus that cater to every culinary need under the sun, there is one item on the menu that proves especially popular with our hard working men – none other than the great British staple, the bacon butty.

Greasy Spoon Cafes are an essential part of the fabric of local communities across Britain.  Catering to a 98% trade audience, the Greasy Spoon is a natural and habitual part of the everyday journey for tradesmen across the country.  The nature of a tradesman’s work makes life transient, often driving vans from one site to the next, always on the move.  This can make it really difficult for trade-oriented brands to deliver their message and grab genuine attention in what is already a saturated marketplace.  

While the go-to advertising solutions to reach a trade audience are generally roadside and radio, the issue is that everyone is doing it.  So the problem with cut through remains and it becomes a necessity to look at more creative non-traditional opportunities.  Tradepoint fully understand this and over the years have regularly advertised on branded takeaway sandwich bags, ideal for wrapping up those bacon butty favourites of tradesmen on the move.  

The fact that you’re able to geo-target campaigns in close proximity to local stores makes Butty Bags an excellent way for brands like Tradepoint interested in reaching tradesmen to stand out and grab genuine attention.  91% of the takeaway butty bags end up in the van where they often sit on the dashboard all day acting as a perfect prompt to drive traffic to stores in the local area.  Tradepoint’s latest proximity campaign is in Watford where branded takeaway butty bags are being used to reach tradesmen grabbing their grub in local Watford caffs and promote the fact that their Watford building supplies store is now open from 6am.

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