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16th Mar 2016

Advancements in technology have fed into our need for instant gratification making modern day life simpler, faster, better in a multitude of different ways. This year, the buzz word of the moment is contactless, especially now that TFL offers commuters the option to pay for their journey with a contactless card and Apple has thrown its own way to pay into the mix.  Public awareness has skyrocketed and the take up has been immense with contactless used for £1bn worth of payments last year.  As of January 2016, 81.5m contactless cards are in issue across the UK with these responsible for 135.8m contactless transactions just in the month of January (UK Card Association).

TSB has capitalised on all the hype around contactless giving their Plus Account customers 5% cashback on the first £100 of contactless payments every month using their debit card. This is on top of the 5% interest customers can already earn on balances of up to £2k.

Since we order, pay for and collect our takeaway coffee at the counter, our Coffee Cups are a perfect fit with a contactless payments message. It’s delivered at the point of purchase where consumers are generally spending under £30 and inclined to use contactless as a result.  TSB are back with a third campaign, their second specifically promoting contactless rewards to Plus customers using contactless to pay for their purchase.  The activity is targeted within our pack of Contactless Cafés, all of which offer their customers contactless payment in-store.

The campaign was planned and booked by MGOMD and Talon Outdoor.

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