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13th Feb 2020

Let’s be frank – most, if not all of us dread Valentine’s Day – especially the single to mingles. Dating life can be daunting at the best of times without having to worry about ‘that perfect blissful day’ when all the loved up couples flaunt their togetherness and ply each other with the necessary guiles of romance. Soppy cards, the inimitable choccies and ever larger bunches of roses naturally end up dominating office spaces the world over. And don’t retailers love the kerrching!

In a wonderful tongue in cheek dig at the cringe and aligning themselves with the many poor souls who have experienced dating hell rather than dating bliss, Twitter has presented the antidote to Valentine’s Day with an OOH campaign across London. With branded beer mat advertising in London pubs the perfect format for the campaign #DatingTwitter pokes fun at the perils of dating, emphasising how the social platform is a space where people come to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly with regards to our endless search for love.

Pubs are the ideal venue for that traditional first date drink, inexpensive, not too committal and easily ended if not going well. The beer mats feature multiple different tweets from real people showcasing the raw, relatable and random – like that awful time you were ghosted or bumped into an ex who moved on before you could blink. Hilarious, honest and real accounts. All of which are underlined by an immersive experience in Covent Garden where visitors can attend The Dating Twitter Advice Bureau to spin the wheel of misfortune, lay flowers in the ghosting graveyard and cringe at the gallery of awkward silences. 

All the perfect antithesis to Valentine’s Day and likely to give the singles a satisfied snigger and reason to head to the pub to drown their sorrows, or revel in their independence!

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Twitter Beer Mat Advertising