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4th Apr 2024

Coffee Shops are now feeling busy again for the first time since the pandemic so here at Tabletalk we decided to assess the market to see if this perception is correct.

Around two fifths of us are drinking more coffee in coffee shops than we did a year ago, despite average prices being around £3 a cup. 31.63M people visited a Coffee Shop in the past year. Around 20 per cent of us visit our local coffee shop at least once a day, keeping the UK’s 160,000 baristas on their toes! Current figures indicate that the UK’s coffee shop business is worth £9.6 billion a year and as a nation we drink around 2.4 billion cups annually!

There’s a rise in small, independent coffee shops as customers become increasingly savvy about what they’re drinking. In fact of the 25,000 or so coffee shops in the UK just over 10,000 are branded chains meaning independents have around 60% market share. Brighton is the coffee shop capital of the UK with around one coffee shop per 800 people, with Edinburgh in second place with around one shop per 900 people, with independents showing strongly.

Coffee Shop customers are an affluent bunch (64% ABC1) who Tabletalk target with branded takeaway Coffee Cups and Deli Bags delivering advertisers messages directly into the hands of this on-the-go audience. To find out more about how we do this visit

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