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16th Mar 2015

Anybody else have memories of school days and stories of Ouija boards and angry spirits called forth to wreak havoc on naive little souls that played the game?!  Just the thought of it is still enough to scare the living daylights out of people both young and old years later.  And it’s a horrifying tale brought to life by Universal Pictures in ‘Ouija’, a movie released last year.

For the DVD and Blu-ray release, Universal have used our Tablewrap to great effect in Student Unions across the UK by creating a virtual Ouija board on the table.  Students who dare, can engage with the content via NFC & QR, watching the trailer and playing the eerie game online.

It’s a fantastic campaign taking full advantage of the lengthy dwell time that Tablewrap offers, as well as the format’s strong connection with mobile.  Not to mention aimed perfectly at a tech savvy Student audience always up for tempting fate and taking a trip on the wild side!  It’s bound to be a scream…

The campaign was planned and booked by Mediacom and Kinetic Worldwide.

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