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26th Feb 2016

Continued investment in IT infrastructure has become a prerequisite for any business, particularly in light of the massive growth in anytime, anywhere work patterns. The global workforce is increasingly on the move and in need of instant access to information from a multitude of different devices.  Not only is there a desire for freedom to work from any device, but there is a demand for fast, seamless delivery of content.  SME’s make up 99% of businesses in the UK and by nature need to be agile and dynamic in their approach to business to survive in such a competitive market.  With the need to be better, faster and bolder than their competitors, it’s no surprise that investing in the best telecoms and technology is a key consideration for businesses both big and small.

Virgin Media identified Coffee Shops as the ideal environment to reach SME’s actively going about their everyday business. Now considered that third place between home and office, Coffee Shops are a versatile space where business and leisure naturally coincide, giving consumers just the right balance of comfort, convenience and connectivity to ensure that working on the go happens with ease.

The Virgin Media Business campaign is live in Coffee Shops in key cities using a combination of two creative designs to deliver a business broadband message directly into the hands of SME’s nationwide.    There is nothing we like better than contextually relevant campaigns and this is an example of a brand getting the space, the audience and the creative just right.

The activity was planned and booked through MGOMD and Talon Outdoor.

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Virgin Media Business Coffee Cup Advertising