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20th Feb 2013

From our previous blog entry, you will know that Tabletalk Media is shaking things up by beefing up our staff quota and  firmly establishing who we are and what we do. To get us off the ground we commissioned the elevator pitch and from this challenge of words and wisdom it became apparent that succinctly putting our vast offering into a paragraph or two was proving to be somewhat difficult – there’s just so much to say about us!

So in keeping with the spirit of  change, action and clarity, we decided to quite literally paint a clearer picture of ourselves. The result, our new corporate image that illustrates our formats and estates in a beautifully simple way. We then moved on to our strapline, the very essence of our  identity. And after a series of ‘ideas showers’ (inside joke), we hit the mark: “Impacting Everyday Moments” .

Working together, our new corporate image and strapline highlight that our formats are part of people’s lives and are able to disrupt and make an impression on audiences while they are going about their normal day activities. We are very proud of the steps we have made in  recent months and are excited to continue with this momentum.

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