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20th Mar 2014

If you’re living in Wakefield and happen to grab a bacon butty on your way into work, visit your local pharmacy, stop off at the pub for a pint or head to the chippie around the corner for a fried dinner in the next couple of weeks, you’re in for a big surprise.

Wakefield Council are looking to raise awareness about blood pressure in the over 40’s and prompting people to drop in for a free test at participating pharmacies or testing points in the local area.  The aim is to help diagnose cancer early as high blood pressure can be a symptom.

The campaign is making clever use of ambient media in key environments related to health and blood pressure, such as Pharmacies, Greasy Spoon Cafés, Pubs and Fish and Chip Shops all over the Wakefield area.  The Council know that messages are far more impactful when they are delivered at relevant moments.

The campaign is running from 10th – 23rd March and was booked through M4C and Kinetic Worldwide.

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