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5th Jun 2014

Italy is to coffee as café culture is to holidays.  As the home of espresso, Italians see coffee as a national pastime, so revered that it’s never drunk during meals and instead is given its own time and place as a separate event.  It may be surprising to know that the coffee consumption crown belongs to Scandinavia, with European nations following hot on their heels and the UK not far behind.  In fact we spent £730m on coffee last year with over half of the coffee consumed in the UK drunk in the South East of the country.

A few more tasty facts: 57% of coffee is drunk at breakfast, 34% between meals and 13% at other meals, while men drink more on average than women with 1.7 cups vs 1.5 cups a day.  Ok enough of the coffee trivia and onto business!

Puglia is hosting a roadshow in London at the Southbank Riverside Walkway in June.  To raise awareness with the locals and tourists in the West End and around the Southbank area, Puglia has taken our coffee media by storm.  Advertising the event on Tablewrap and Coffee Cups, they are also spreading the word with leaflets in-store and you may even see a branded T-Shirt to boot!

If you’re around from 12pm – 8pm from the 6th – 15th of June why not drop by and get involved.

The campaign was booked for Puglia Promozione by Spazio Eventi.

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