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15th Feb 2022

Our latest campaign for the Welsh Government is CALL OUT ONLY which is running on A4 panels, located in the male toilets in pubs across Wales.

This is part of the wider Live Fear Free campaign which highlights actions that cause fear, alarm and distress such as:

  • Touching someone when they don’t want you to.
  • Making unwanted sexual comments or gestures.
  • Following someone without their knowledge.
  • Making unwanted contact on social media, texting or calling.
  • Watching or spying on someone.
  • Taking pictures without someone knowing, including upskirting.

Attitudes that condone and normalise abusive behaviour are part of our culture. From sexist jokes and ‘banter’ through to harassment and rape. We want men to speak out about this abusive behaviour.

Calling out others on their behaviour is not about humiliating or shaming them, or getting into a fight. It’s about educating and encouraging a change in attitudes.

By placing posters into male pub toilets the message is getting across to the main perpetrators of such abusive behaviour and, most importantly the friends and family members of perpetrators, encouraging them to call out only.

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