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1st Mar 2018

If there is one thing we know for sure about the Italians it’s that they love to espresso themselves! The land of lattes and cappuccinos has long been famed for its operatic delights with a smorgasbord of storytelling on stage voiced through sopranos and tenors that lift the roof with song and ignite the soul. Much like the Welsh who are well known for their musical mastery.

With coffee and opera so Italian at their core, it’s no surprise that the Welsh National Opera chose to advertise their three classic Italian operatic masterpieces – La Forza del Destino, Don Giovanni and Tosca – to be performed at the Theatre Royal Plymouth this spring in carefully selected premium coffee shops and cafes across Plymouth.

These coffee shops promise access to an ABC1 audience indulging in a little me time during the day and offer brands like the Welsh National Opera the opportunity to deliver their message directly into the hands of affluent consumers likely to be more receptive and responsive as they are actively taking time out from a busy day. Not to mention the fact that catching up with friends or colleagues in a cafe is prime time for discussing and making plans – perfect for planting the seed about seeing a show or driving immediate purchase online.

The Welsh National Opera are advertising to consumers in Plymouth using branded takeaway coffee cups which provide the added advantage of being a one-to-one message with multiple opportunities to be seen, whether it’s in store or on the street as consumers wander from a to b. Half of all takeaway coffee cups end up on a desk in the office so become the ideal conversation starter with colleagues too.

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Welsh National Opera Coffee Cup Advertising