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1st May 2013


Our increasing dependence upon and overuse of antibiotics has reduced the body’s natural ability to fend off destructive bacteria and generate its own antibiotics. It is therefore increasingly more important in our modern world to be aware of the importance and use of probiotics.

Bio-Kult is a unique probiotic supplement, specifically formulated to help maintain healthy digestive and immune systems and they have chosen pharmacy bags as a communication channel to grow awareness and educate the public about their products.

It is a known fact that pharmacists are one of the most trusted sources in our society. As such, using this format for such an important health-related message, benefits from being hand-delivered by the pharmacist himself. It gives the product credibility and gives the customer confidence that the brand comes highly recommended, therefore stimulating initial trial and continued purchase.

This 4 week national campaign ran throughout March and consisted of 300,000 pharmacy bags distributed across 300 independent pharmacies where Bio-Kult was stocked. The feedback that we received from the individual pharmacies suggested a significant increase in sales.

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