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23rd Sep 2013

After a long summer break lounging about eating pizza and drinking happy hour cocktails, going back to uni means a lot of students aren’t in the greatest shape.  Not only do they have to deal with the back to school blues, but for first years it means starting a whole new chapter in their lives, having to meet new people, getting used to new places and generally learning to stand on their own two feet.

Joining a gym is often a great way to meet new people, not to mention get mind and body back into shape after a summer slouch fest.  Students are always up for a good deal so it’s no wonder that brands like Pure Gym are tapping into the youth market during Freshers in a bid to sign up the newbies on campus.  Promoting their low cost no contract gym membership, Pure Gym are currently running tablewrap in the student union at Keele and Northampton universities.

The campaign was planned by Rathbone and booked by Zone Outdoor.

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