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28th Sep 2017

With that autumn bite in the air and crisp cool mornings as we head into work on our daily commute, we all know that winter is sneaking up on us and it’ll be here before we know it.  The whimsical of us all will be wondering whether we’ll see a white Christmas this year and looking forward to donning those fashionable winter boots and warm winter coats.  The rest of us are likely dreading the shorter, darker days and doing our best to make the most of glorious autumn before the first icy snap takes hold.  Regardless of how we feel about winter, it’s one of those inevitable seasonal changes that are out of our control.  It’s also one of the most dangerous times of year due to the impact the cold has on our health.

Winter health issues put a massive strain on local health services with GPs inundated with calls and visits.  The NHS often runs campaigns in our network of Pharmacies to educate and ease pressure on health services by encouraging the public to put strategies in place to prevent falling ill during the winter months and if they do, to seek advice from their local pharmacist first before seeking out their GP.  Oftentimes symptoms can be self-managed with medication bought off the shelf in the pharmacy and the best cure is a little rest at home, particularly for less severe complaints like the common cold.  Pharmacists are renowned as some of the most trusted health professionals in the industry.  

The Tabletalk Pharmacy network consists of over 5,000 independent pharmacies across the UK with local proximity campaigns, regional or national targeting possible.  The medium for advertising is branded pharmacy bags which are handed directly into the hands of consumers by the pharmacist which acts as a prompt for advice, but also significantly reinforces your message.  Whether you are looking to speak directly to the over 65’s, interested in promoting products available in-store, delivering a sensitive message or simply looking to reach the general public in a relevant health and well-being environment, branded pharmacy bags are an extremely versatile and cost effective format.  Often the bags are taken home where medication is kept in the bag and reused time and again offering the opportunity for multiple impacts.  There are also a number of sampling and point of sale opportunities possible in combination with the pharmacy bags.  Pharmacy bags would be an excellent channel for winter campaigns as we all tend to visit pharmacies more regularly in the winter months to manage all our winter related ailments.

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