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4th Apr 2013

There is a growing band of nomadic workers who, equipped with laptops, tablets and smartphones, set up office in coffee shops all across Britain, deliberately taking advantage of the neutral environment to hold business meetings or use the free Wi-Fi connection. In fact, research shows that 1 in 4 workers regularly escape the office to work in coffee shops and 47% have worked in a coffee shop whilst travelling.

The latest technology and software developments are fuelling this trend and Microsoft Office 365 is at the forefront, screaming it from  the mountain tops (or should we say ‘cloud-tops) with a multimillion-pound advertising campaign. This cloud software allows its users to access the Microsoft Office tools anywhere, including on mobiles and other personal devices. The campaign gives commuters and the UK business community insight into the features and benefits of the new product, encouraging people to explore the ability to work from wherever you like.

As such, our coffee shops and cafes are the perfect environment to deliver this message, reaching city-centre office workers and business people when they are out of the office. And in true Microsoft style, they have not just booked in one format but have achieved coffee shop domination by booking in 2,340 tablewraps, 590,000 coffee sleeves and 525,000 sandwich bags across 200 cafes nationwide. So expect a 2 week orange blitz and while you’re out there, why not order a panini while you send emails, update your calendar and enjoy the view from your new corner office.

The campaign was planned by UM London and booked by Rapport (

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