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23rd Jan 2017

The digital age has transformed what it means to be a student.  Gone are the days of our parents who used to spend hours on end in the library tracking down as many books on their reading list as possible, often having to wait days at a time for the most popular books to be checked back in.  Nowadays the resources available online are phenomenal.  And no need to log into a PC with dial-up internet to access this content either – laptops, tablets and smartphones with instant access to wifi have put paid to that too.  It’s not just the impact on how students learn either.  Planning, socialising, communicating, researching accommodation and banking are just some of the many things that students now do on mobile devices, at home, at uni and on the go.  Students are spoilt for choice now too.  The internet has opened up a window into a multitude of different brands, all vying for attention.  All this choice means that students are savvier as consumers than ever before and look to their peers for advice on which brands deserve their business.  Where before consumers could be told, today consumers need to be wooed and students even more so.

This is where X1 Lettings gets it absolutely right.  Their student accommodation is fully furnished and finished to a high standard offering students everything they could possibly need to support their studies.  In Liverpool, they have a range of different options for students with apartments located in the city centre and on the waterfront, some luxury and others more affordable to suit all kinds of budgets.  To grab attention on campus, X1 Lettings has invested in Tablewraps in the Student Union at Liverpool John Moores University.  Their message dominates every table in the University Student Union and reaches groups of students socialising or studying together throughout the day.  Considering the average dwell time is 20 minutes and students often sit with laptops, tablets or smartphones on the table in direct proximity to the X1 Lettings message, this acts as a great prompt to drive students online.  It also prompts conversation around the brand, opening up the opportunity for students who might be interested in X1 Lettings accommodation to discuss this with their peers right there and then before continuing their engagement with the brand online.  It’s a powerful mix.  

Tablewraps are a high quality vinyl ideal for brands looking to leverage strong imagery to grab the attention of students sitting around the table.  It’s also a unique and innovative way to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds.  This is also the second year in a row that X1 Lettings have advertised their student letting opportunities on Tablewraps at Liverpool John Moores University.

The campaign was planned and booked by Media Agency Group.

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