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24th Jan 2018

Setting foot on campus for the first time and tasting that first-found freedom can be both
exhilarating and terrifying. That’s why getting the balance just right is so important when it
comes to setting ourselves up for study success. For those who study away from home or
simply want a place to call their own without the added complications of too many real world
responsibilities, student accommodation is an ideal option.

X1 Lettings has over 15 years experience and specialises in luxury accommodation. In
Liverpool they have a range of fantastic options for students which they regularly promote
using our Tablewrap advertising format at Liverpool John Moores University. This particular
advertising campaign is running in the LJMU Student Union for the duration of term all the way through
to the Easter break.

Tabletalk’s unique advertising format allows X1 Lettings to deliver their message in the
student union, an environment where students are often seated with friends or in study
groups around the table for lengthy periods of time. Not to mention the fact that Tablewrap is
bang in the centre of conversation and acts as a prompt to drive immediate response,
particularly in light of the fact that mobile devices and laptops or tablets are naturally on the
table and wifi at all universities is freely accessible.

The campaign was planned and booked by Media Agency Group.

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X1 Lettings University Tablewrap Advertising