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3rd Dec 2013

This time of year is particularly busy across our pharmacy network, especially because the winter months are extremely hard on the older generation.  It’s a time when colds and flu run rife, heating bills hit the roof and general chaos affects the transport system.  To add insult to injury, if weather reports are to be believed we’re in for the worst winter since 1947!  No wonder then that we have so many winter wellness campaigns lined up, along with many others with messages targeted at the elderly and those in need of care.

NHS Suffolk have just gone live with a campaign on pharmacy bags specifically aimed at raising awareness around prostate cancer and encouraging men aged 50+ to get regular checks.

We also have two providers in the care sector running campaigns using the pharmacy environment to deliver sensitive messages to family, friends and loved ones while their minds are on health. Cleeve operate Honest Homecare offering 24hr in-home care for children, adults and the elderly in need, while Radian Lifelink provide a personal alarm service with medication reminders, flood detectors and fall detection.

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