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19th May 2020

Here at Tabletalk we are proud to say that we have worked with the NHS for over 20 years, so we are delighted to be working on a new campaign #NHSHereForYou helping to reassure people that vital NHS services are still available and accessible during the coronovirus pandemic.

There has been a massive increase in the number of people not attending hospital for non-Covid related illness. This is due to people being nervous of the risk of catching the coronavirus. Even people with potentially fatal conditions such as heart attacks and strokes have not been presenting at A&E. Thousands of appointments for cancer screening have been missed and people are not reporting early symptoms of serious illnesses to their GP.

Throughout the lockdown period our pharmacy network remains open and able to deliver vital messages such as this. The branded pharmacy bags urge people to contact their GP for a range of non-urgent conditions as well as advising when to call 999 or attend A&E. Every branded bag that is placed directly in the hands of a person in need of treatment, their family members or carers is a potential life saver.

Here at Tabletalk Media we are grateful to all our carers, key workers and NHS pharmacy staff.

A huge thanks from us to you all.

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