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19th Jan 2015

One of the great delights and absolutely necessary daily fixes for mums out there running themselves ragged looking after their wee tots is Coffee. Combine that with the chance to have a chin-wag with friends and suddenly Yummy Mummies are flocking to Coffee Shops like bees to a honey pot.

Following up on our recent Yummy Mummy targeted campaign for Pan Macmillan in September last year, this time it’s Book Trust that have invested in Coffee Sleeves with messages aimed at mums with kids. Book Trust is a national reading charity that works to support disadvantaged kids and ensure that they benefit from all the wonders that reading offers to kids growing up. There is something wonderfully nostalgic recalling my own parents reading to me as a kid.

The campaign is running from 12th January for 2 weeks in Coffee Shops carefully selected in affluent London suburbs outside the city centre.

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